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Linking data to business processes

EcoSpheeres brings suppliers and customers closer together by linking data to business processes

EcoSpheeres originated from the customer's need to have catalog data delivered digitally and kept up to date. For suppliers and customers.

Creating a Digital Marketplace

With EcoSpheeres, customers work with a live and up-to-date product list. Fully automated.


EcoSpheeres brings suppliers and customers closer together by directly connecting the supplier's data to the customer's business processes.

Good Data

Data hygiene may not be the most exciting topic, but its impact on business results is significant. Recent research shows that 25% of business data is incomplete, making it unsuitable for use.

Time Savings

Data analysts spend 60% of their time correcting and structuring business data.

Poor business data results from non-compliance with the GDPR and underlying CRM and ERP processes.


EcoSpheeres aims to create a digital marketplace for suppliers and customers, providing a live and up-to-date data list, fully automated.

Data Provision

EcoSpheeres utilizes the latest datasets of product and article codes, including delivery times and prices. This allows many underlying processes to be optimized and automated without manual intervention.

Cost Savings

Save time and costs by integrating systems. The estimated global loss for businesses is between 15% to 25% of revenue. So don't wait any longer, start using EcoSpheeres today.

Benefits of EcoSpheeres

The strength of EcoSpheeres lies in its ability to bring together hundreds of different processes into one format.

It provides a flow of accurate data from the supplier to the customer. This ensures that there is always correct information about products and assembly.


Give the customer the freedom and opportunity to make the best sale and strive for the perfect end result.


With EcoSpheeres' platform, the customer can instantly see what is in stock, the price, compatibility, and the delivery time.

Benefits for Suppliers:

  • Physical catalogs become unnecessary.

  • Access to customers' EcoPlatform.

  • Access to potential new customers.

  • Direct communication with the customer.

  • Support for procurement, sales, and invoicing processes.


Benefits for Customers:

  • Physical catalogs become unnecessary.

  • Access to suppliers' EcoPlatform.

  • Access to potential new suppliers.

  • Always up-to-date information from suppliers.

  • Simple interface for all suppliers.

  • Support for procurement, sales, and invoicing processes.


Software should be fast, easy, and continuously adaptable.

Product configurator Spheeres

Product Configurator Video

Improve your organisation

Digitize and transform

Digitise and


A platform designed to be adapted. Develop an application that works for your organisation quickly.

Save time and costs

Save time

and costs

Start immediately with a standard set of functionalities and expand it from there to cater to ever-evolving needs. Continuous improvement 

Increases productivity and efficiency

Increased productivity and efficiency

Break down barriers between departments and help optimise business processes

Monitoring errors



Performance monitoring facilitates a more rapid detection of potential process errors.

Guaranteed quality



Automation and process standardisation reduce the likelhood of (human) errors to occur.

Speed up processing time


processing time

Process orders, send invoices and share minutes with colleagues with just a few clicks of a button




Documents can be accessed at any time and from any location.

Data security



To guarantee data protection, all (customer) data is stored in a secure environment.


time and costs

Increase productivity

and efficiency

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