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Flexibility in metalworking

The common software systems are constraining

Metalworking companies are hitting the limits of conventional systems: too large, too rigid, and overly focused on standard production rather than project-based operations. With this in mind, MetalSpheeres was developed in collaboration with metalworking companies and market consultants. The low-code platform, Spheeres, ensures flexibility

The Missing Tools:

Material Management and Dimensioning

The foundation of a well-functioning system lies within the material database. It encompasses details on procurement, stock availability, profit margins, and more. Material dimensions are automatically converted. There exists a unit for stock (e.g., meters, square meters, etc.), a unit for procurement (e.g., 2-meter rod or 2-square meter sheet), and a unit for production (centimeters, millimeters).

Recipe and pre-calculation
Flexibility in metalworking

Recipe Management and Pre-calculation

Recipes are fundamental to many production processes, production orders, and shop floor control. The sequence of operations, required machine time, and labor time result in pre-calculation.

Input the dimensions, and the system calculates how many procurement units (for instance, how many pieces come from a square meter) need to be purchased. Simultaneously, the stock is automatically adjusted in reservations.


Quotation and Sales Order

Based on a recipe, tiered quotations can be generated. MetalSpheeres computes the recipe for the given quantities. If the quotation is accepted, a sales order is automatically generated.


Purchase Order

Purchase orders can be created based on order advice (for items in stock) or any requirements as per the sales order.

Procurement can be based on procurement units (e.g., 6-meter rod) or weight (e.g., 3 tons). Conversion tables from weight to stock units can be input."

Asset Management

"mails met een akkoord op een tekening zijn van extreem groot belang. Zo’n akkoord moet hangen aan de opdracht voordat de klus de productie in gaat"

Tool Management

The setup center holds a crucial position. Tools are part of the machine chain or need to be assembled. The instruction for assembly is generated by Spheeres as a step in the production process. It tracks wear and tear and allows for replacement planning to prevent machine downtime.

Tool management

Tool Management


Shop Floor

Shop floor control directs machine operators and feeds into post-calculation. The operator sees a visually instructive representation, similar to an IKEA-style image, displaying the operations to be carried out and the materials to be used. Upon completion, the hours are logged, and the next step in the production process follows.


Flexible Invoicing

Choose how you want to invoice. Select the billing scheme that suits your needs. It's easy to know that generating an advance invoice doesn't require extra effort. Project progress dictates billing. Journal entries are seamlessly pushed to the accounting software. Maximum convenience is ensured with Mollie integration and connections to Exact Online and SnelStart.


Dashboard/BI (Business Intelligence)

The production floor worker has all the information for an order on a tablet. The manager monitors KPIs and can progressively access more details via drill-down, slicing, and dicing.



Enter data once thanks to numerous integrations. Standard integrations are with Outlook, Word, Excel, and Exact Online. Optional connections include CAD software, Kardex, SnelStart, and Mollie.



MetalSpheeres - The Solution for Metalworking Companies

The top ten reasons to switch to MetalSpheeres today

  • Comprehensive solution for the industry

  • CRM - Forecast

  • Project-oriented production

  • Shop floor

  • Maintenance/asset management

  • Tool management

  • Standardized article management

  • Integrations including Solidworks, Limis

  • Flexibility through graphic designers

  • Reporting based on BI


"At the company, there are large screens displaying core data from Spheeres and a camera focused on the CNC machines. This gives us immediate visibility into everything that matters."

MetalSpheeres is the solution that aids your organization with a multitude of functionalities.

Whether it's tool management, inventory control, production scheduling, manufacturing operations, recipes, pre-calculation, unit conversions for length and surface, or purchasing by weight.

"Flexibility is indispensable for margin calculation."

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