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MVPSpheeres Minimum Viable Product

With our innovative, proven, and versatile platform, we provide our customers with the right knowledge and resources to quickly realize new ideas and business applications without the risk of long development times and high costs.

MVPSpheeres (Minimum Viable Product) is intended to rapidly build MVPs and requires minimal training (2 to 3 days) to be able to use the more advanced tools within the platform to create your own applications and integrations.

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Start today and go from idea to application

From idea to application

Before implementing your idea, many people might have a different idea about the desired outcome.
With Spheeres' MVP platform, you can quickly realize, iterate, and shape your idea.

Start today and go from idea to application!

Our Promise

Within MVPSpheeres, we have the knowledge and experience to support our customers in developing application solutions without the risk of lengthy and costly development processes.

Why MVPs

Building MVPs clarifies and unifies the interaction with an end customer and demonstrates the software's key components and integrated database functions. Iterations on the MVP are usually simple and quick to accomplish.

Terms and Abbreviations

The most common terms in this case are an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), PoC (Proof of Concept), and Prototyping.


Spheeres' MVP platform is flexible and versatile for building and realizing applications, where the platform is not limited to CRM and ERP environments and processes. The platform distinguishes itself, among other things, from other platforms because the underlying databases are fully integrated into the solutions.


The MVP platform is perfect for startups and novice entrepreneurs with a limited budget. It allows them to build prototypes and validate their ideas with potential stakeholders and/or investors.


MVPSpheeres is intended to rapidly build MVPs and requires minimal training (2 to 3 days) to use the more advanced tools within the platform.

Possibilities & Adjustments

Afterward, these applications are further developed and, in most cases, move towards production.

Choose the package that fits your business

Is my idea technically feasible?

The main purpose of a PoC is to determine the technical feasibility of the idea. A PoC can be used as input for the development of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

PoC offers the solution if you are looking for the following outcome:

  • Proof that you can build your product using existing technical solutions.

  • Low budget - this way, you don't have to invest a lot of money in building your application and limit the risk of whether this application will be successful or not.

  • You can reuse the technical result at a later time.

  • It may convince stakeholders to invest in your idea.

  • Development time from a few days to weeks.

Target audience: developers and researchers.

Small budget and low risk.

How will my solution look and be used?

The primary goal is to visualize the solution and present it to stakeholders.

If it includes UX/UI design, it can be used in the development cycle.

Prototyping offers the solution if you are looking for the following outcome:

  • Gain insight into which functionalities users find important.

  • Get clarity on how it can be built.

  • A visualization of how existing problems are resolved.

  • Visualized features and design (user flows and layouts).

  • Development time of a few weeks.

Target audience: stakeholders.
Average budget and reduction of the risk of dissatisfied end-users.

Is my solution viable and achievable?

The primary goal is to provide a short-term functional version of the solution that can be launched in the market. It can be further developed into a production version.

MVP offers the solution if you are looking for the following outcome:

  • Product that can go live within 90 days.

  • Initial customers.

  • Early feedback.

  • Technical foundation for further development.

Target audience: early adopters.

Well-defined budget and reduced risk for building a solution without an established market.

  • Two days of joint building with consultancy

  • Fixed price €1,250

  • Custom pricing in combination with Prototyping, MVP, or a project

  • Platform setup €1,000

  • Four hours of support (NL/EN)

  • Two users €150 per month

  • Maximum of two months (expandable to MVP or a contract thereafter)

  • Platform setup €1,500

  • Eight hours of support (NL/EN)

  • Five users €345 per month

  • Maximum of three months (expandable to a contract thereafter)

MVP Spheeres | How to use

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