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Accelerating the digital transformation of companies thanks to low-code

Companies in various sectors are confronted with an increasingly rapidly changing market. Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in these market changes. To remain competitive, companies need to accelerate their digital transformation process. One way to do this is by using low-code platforms.

What are low-code platforms?
Low-code platforms are software tools that enable companies to develop applications with minimal coding and programming knowledge. These platforms provide a visual interface that makes it easy for users to build applications. The use of low-code platforms can significantly speed up and simplify the application development process.

How do low-code platforms help companies digitally transform?

Reducing dependency on IT departments

Traditionally, developing software applications often requires the involvement of IT professionals. Developing software can be a complex and time-consuming process, making companies dependent on their IT department. With low-code platforms, companies can accelerate and simplify the application development process without the involvement of IT professionals. This makes companies less dependent on their IT department and increases their flexibility and agility.

Faster application development

Low-code platforms offer several features and tools that speed up the application development process. For example, these platforms provide templates and components that can be reused in different applications. In addition, low-code platforms offer the ability to quickly and easily build applications using drag-and-drop interface and visual modeling. This makes it possible to develop applications faster and at a lower cost.

Easy integration of systems

Companies use different systems and applications to run their daily activities. These systems often need to be integrated in order to exchange the right information. The integration process can be complex and time consuming. Low-code platforms allow companies to simplify the integration process by using pre-built integration modules. This reduces the time and cost required for integration.

Working Agile

Low-code platforms make it possible to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the market. Because companies can develop and integrate applications quickly, they can quickly respond to new trends and developments. This increases agility. A product configurator offers numerous advantages for both customers and companies.



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