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De product configurator

Updated: May 31, 2023

A product configurator is a software application that allows customers to put together and order personalised products online. A product configurator provides customers with a broad range of different options, in terms of colour, size, material and features, so that they themselves can create a product that perfectly matches their specific needs. The Spheeres platform offers the option of a product configurator as well. A product configurator offers numerous advantages for customers and companies alike:

Enhanced customer experience

Customers can use the product configurator to easily personalise their products and create exactly what they need. This results in improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Fewer mistakes

Because customers put together their own products, there is less chance of errors. This means fewer returns and reduced costs for companies.

Lead time reduction

As customers themselves determine the product specifications through the product configurator, the time needed to design and produce products is shorter.

More efficient process

A product configurator can automate the entire process – from tender to final order -, resulting in a more efficient and faster process.

Increasing sales volume

Offering personalised products using a product configurator can boost sales volumes because customers tend to buy more when they can create their own product.

Competitive advantage

Companies offering a product configurator generally provide a better customer experience and operate more efficiently than those without a product configurator, giving them a clear competitive advantage.



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