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"From mechanics to salespeople: Boosting efficiency with the tools of SunSpheeres

Do you want to transform your mechanics into real salespeople? It's possible! Provide your mechanics with the right tools to sell not only products but also services. Discover how you can manage everything in one convenient environment and make the work easier for your mechanics.

My mechanics won't work with a tablet! It's not so bad, if it saves their time. It's understandable that some mechanics may hesitate to work with tablets, but the benefits are enormous. These digital tools help your mechanics save time. With a tablet, they can easily track tasks, enter work orders, and look up product information, all without the hassle of paperwork. The result? More time for customer interaction and sales opportunities.

No extra work or hassle anymore.

Job completed on-site, then straight to administration. Thanks to advanced tools, mechanics can complete their work on-site. They can finish services, generate customer invoices, and even accept payments, all without needing to return to the office. This makes administration a breeze, allowing mechanics to handle more jobs in a day.

Photos as evidence for administration/sales.

Visuals are powerful. These tools allow mechanics to capture photos as evidence and link them directly to work orders. This not only provides transparency to the customer but also serves as compelling evidence for administrative purposes and potential upselling opportunities to the customer.

Built-in checklist, so nothing gets forgotten

Forgetfulness becomes a thing of the past with the built-in checklists in these tools. Mechanics can follow all the steps of a task or service without missing anything. This ensures consistency in service delivery and customer satisfaction, while also maximizing cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

With the right tools in hand, mechanics can not only work more efficiently but also leverage their sales skills to generate additional revenue for your business. Invest in these technologies and witness your mechanics evolve from executors to profit generators.

We hope this article has helped you gain insight into how to support mechanics and improve business performance. For more information on the available tools and how they can benefit your business, please contact us.

Feel free to adapt and expand this translation according to your needs and preferences. Send us a message and let us tell you all about the endless possibilities of SunSpheeres



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