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Low-code as an industry solution

Updated: May 31, 2023

The emergence of low-code platforms has significantly changed the way companies develop software. Low-code platforms enable companies to develop applications faster and more efficiently, without the need for extensive programming knowledge. This article elaborates on how low-code solutions can provide tailored solutions for a range of different industries.

Financial services
Low-code platforms enable financial service providers to respond quickly and efficiently to changing market demands, helping them to launch new services, improve customer service, and comply with new laws and regulations.

Low-code platforms can help healthcare providers improve efficiency, advance patient care quality, and streamline processes, be it the digitisation of patient records or the creation of mobile apps that help patients monitor their health.

Low-code solutions enable retailers to respond quickly to changing consumer demands, such as the rise of e-commerce. Equipped with the tools to develop applications quickly and efficiently, retailers can launch new products and services, improve inventory management, and better manage customer data.

Low-code platforms help government agencies to work more efficiently, automate processes, and improve the quality of services to citizens, from automating tax returns to digitising government services and forms.


Low-code solutions help logistics companies improve the efficiency of their processes and better serve their customers. Low-code platforms can be used for a range of diffferent purposes, from the development of mobile apps for inventory management to the automation of logistics processes.

Low-code solutions offer various industry-specific solutions to boost efficiency and productivity. Companies using low-code platforms can develop applications faster and more efficiently, without the need for extensive programming knowledge, paving the way for them to react quickly to changes in the market, launch new services and products, and improve the efficiency of their processes. Spheeres offers a customised solution for installation companies.



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