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Spheeres Business Intelligence (SBI), get more out of data

Updated: May 31, 2023

Data is the new gold! But how do you turn your data into a valuable source of information and create actionable intelligence? Or rather, how do you mine the gold from your data?

In this time and age, everything revolves around data. We produce data in every aspect of our business, and, with so much data coming in, making solid strategic business decisions warrants the use of a good data model and BI tool.

We offer the Spheeres Business Intelligence (SBI) solution to build appropriate data models and at unprecedented speed. Our solution supports every aspect of the business and enables the collection and storage of the data that can get your organisation to that next level. But how do you use this data and get the insights on which you base the next important decision?

The amount of data we generate is enormous. It comes from different sources in different structures, and different formats. The ability to pull all this data together and turn it into an insightful report or dashboard is more important than ever.

Now that Spheeres paved the way to BI tooling, we offer our users that final step to make full use of their stored gold. Link the data to Spheeres CRM and get rapid insights into conversion rates, sales growth, and annual recurring revenue. Link it to Spheeres ERP to gain more control over order processing and inventory management, offset recorded time against budgeted hours to monitor a project’s budget, monitor the performance of specific teams or product groups, or get the right overviews to adapt business processes. These are just a few commercial examples of the unlimited possibilities that the Spheeres BI tool offers.

Another very important example is data validation and accuracy. When you consolidate business data for BI purposes, you often link large data amounts from different parts of the organisation that you would not typically combine. Merging different data sets can facilitate the detection of discrepancies between data, unveiling fraud, errors or other forms of unauthorised data manipulation that might otherwise go unnoticed.

If you want to learn more about what we can do for your organisation and how we can turn data into actionable insights, contact one of our commercial colleagues or consultants for a presentation or demo.

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