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Spheeres' ready-made low code solutions

"In the rapidly evolving world of business software, it is crucial to stay ahead.

Spheeres, a leading company in low-code and no-code solutions, offers a wide range of innovative software packages that transform and optimize businesses.

Spheeres' ready-made solutions

From simplifying business processes with SunSpheeres to enabling flexibility in metalworking with MetalSpheeres.

And from quickly building Minimum Viable Products with MVPSpheeres to connecting data with business processes with EcoSpheeres, each package is designed to address specific business challenges.

Dive with us into the unique features of each Spheeres package and discover how these software solutions can be the key to efficiency, flexibility, and innovation within your organization.

Explore the future of doing business with Spheeres and give your company the tools to thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

SunSpheeres: Simplification of Business Processes

SunSpheeres is the comprehensive solution for companies with surveyors and technicians on staff.

This powerful software not only streamlines the work of surveyors, salespeople, planners, and technicians but also provides management with essential overview tools.

With reporting tools and dashboards, management retains control and insight into all business activities.

The special production module automates the generation of detailed cutting lists and closely monitors inventory. In combination with the Spheeres product configurator, you are ready for any job!

SunSpheeres is the key to efficiency and collaboration within your organization.


MetalSpheeres: Flexibility in Metalworking

For metalworking companies in need of flexibility, there is MetalSpheeres.

This low-code platform was developed in collaboration with experts from the metal processing industry. Unlike common systems, MetalSpheeres provides the necessary flexibility for project-based work.

The platform adapts to the unique needs of your business, breaking through the limitations of traditional software systems.

Choose MetalSpheeres and experience freedom in metalworking.


MVPSpheeres: Building Minimum Viable Products Quickly and Efficiently

MVPSpheeres, or Minimum Viable Product, is the solution for companies that want to innovate quickly and efficiently.

With minimal training of just 2 to 3 days, users can leverage advanced tools within the platform to build their own applications and integrations.

This enables organizations to quickly develop prototypes and bring ideas to life without losing valuable time to extensive training.

MVPSpheeres is the key to rapid innovation and market introduction.


EcoSpheeres: Connecting Data with Business Processes

EcoSpheeres elevates the collaboration between suppliers and customers by linking data to business processes.

Arising from the need to digitally provide and keep catalog data up-to-date, EcoSpheeres offers an advanced solution for companies aiming for seamless data integration into their workflows.

Bring suppliers and customers closer together with EcoSpheeres and optimize the flow of information within your company."



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