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Low code & no code solutions for every business

Oplossingen voor elke onderneming

Spheeres offers software solutions for every business.

Discover the power of simple and effective software development with Spheeres

The benefits of low code

Dashboard Spheeres

With low code and no code, anyone can program, even without knowledge of IT!

Spheeres' low-code platform is known for its ability to simplify and accelerate the development process.

The user-friendly interface allows developers to work intuitively, spending less time on coding and more time on designing powerful applications.

The platform offers a modular approach, enabling adjustments and updates to be made quickly and efficiently.


This not only results in significant time savings but also in cost efficiency."

Digitize and transform

A platform designed for customization. Quickly develop an application tailored to your industry's needs.

Increase productivity

Simple and intuitive to use. Custom screens and workflows ensure greater efficiency and growth.

Work better, faster, and more efficiently.

Save time & costs

Quickly start with standard functionalities and expand as needed. Continuous improvement.

That's the convenience of low code.

No programming knowledge

Without knowledge of programming languages, a business consultant can build an application or customize our industry software.

Intergratie mogelijkheden
Samenstellen op basis van Modules
De beste beveiliging


Integration possibilities

Customizable based on modules

Always the

best security

Spheeres - The low code expert

Build your own platform by easily developing tailored applications yourself.

The Spheeres platform offers endless possibilities to develop applications, fully tailored to your organization.

Thanks to the low-code software, coding and programming are a thing of the past!

Build your own platform or dashboard without coding knowledge, leveraging the power of low code and no code.

With Spheeres, you can easily create connections, maintain an up-to-date catalog of suppliers and customers, connect everyone in the workplace to one system, and turn an idea into an application in no time.

Discover the possibilities of the best low code and no code software on the market.


Standard and Customized Solutions

Spheeres offers standard entry-level models, ready to use from the get-go.

If your business is looking for a more extensive platform, a dashboard where everything can be connected, and software you can work with yourself, Spheeres is your partner.


We design, create, and install everything according to your needs.

Dashboard Spheeres



For Every Industry, a Solution

Spheeres offers several standard packages tailored to different industries: SunSpheeres, MetalSpheeres, EcoSpheeres, and MVPSpheeres.

Specifically designed for sunshade specialists (SunSpheeres), metalworking experts (MetalSpheeres), developers (MVP), and those needing data integration (EcoSpheeres).

Need a customized package? We can do that too!

Contact us for options.


Quick Adaptations

The flexibility of Spheeres' low-code software enables companies to swiftly respond to new opportunities and market changes.

Thanks to Spheeres' visual design features, companies can quickly create prototypes and test them, significantly shortening development time.


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