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Data is goud
Data is goud

Every individual and each machine in an organisation produces data all day long. The value of the data produced thus equals the sum of a salary and, for instance, machine costs. Fortunately, you earn some of it back, but the value of that data remains. In most cases, however, this data is only used once, and this is mostly due to poor, non-integrated storage.

Data is your organisation's gold 

Data is het goud van de organisatie

Data is often misunderstood. Storage in closets and archives did not work well 50 years ago, in a similar vein to storage not working well in computers nowadays. Systems are usually bought on the basis of a well-functioning user interface. The storage, availability, and reusability of stored data is often really not up to scratch. The cost of links, data warehouses, time-consuming reporting, and missing control information only become apparent after purchasing a system. Moreover, in order to retrieve the information and to be able to use it again, an organisation needs the support of all kinds of specialists, such as BI consultants and accountants.

The Spheeres user interface can handle all

functionalities and is very intuitive to use.

The implicit and conceptual integration of the

database during the development process,

which ensures that data is properly archived

and reusable, is what discerns Spheeres from

other low-code systems. This also helps to

prevent errors during the development phase

and in the process of working with Spheeres.

Spheeres is the data warehouse in which you

store your organisation's gold. The database

has a process-independent structure and can

therefore support many cross-cutting and

business-critical processes and reports.

Data is goud
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