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Complete Package for Installation Companies

From awnings, garage doors, frames, verandas, and fences to custom-made swimming pools.

Does your company employ measurers and installers? Take a look at SunSpheeres.

SunSpheeres makes the work of all employees easier, from measurer, salesperson, planner, installer, to the accountant.

The management maintains an overview with the reporting tools and dashboards.

With the special production module, you can automatically generate detailed cutting lists and track inventory.

From the first customer contact to invoicing

Dashboard SunSpheeres

Product configurator

With the product configurator (see the video), you can create the ideal product together with the customer.

In the showroom or at the customer's home. The customer knows exactly what they are getting and can sign for approval on the tablet

Offerte opstellen

The quote comes directly from the product configurator and can be customized to your liking. Whether you need a quick and simple price estimate or a detailed quote with images, it's all possible.

Planning and Agenda Management

The planner can see at a glance when employees, vans, or anything you need, are available.

The surveyors and installers see all the details of their assignments on their tablet or smartphone.


You can do the surveying on a tablet, optionally using a checklist. Link photos directly and make notes for the installers.

From purchase to work order

Once the quote is approved, purchase orders can be sent out. This is easy. The items from the quote transfer to the order.

Once they arrive, they are listed on the work order.


The installer has all the information at hand. They check off their tasks, book their hours, take photos of their successful job, and request a signature for approval on their tablet.

The customer can pay by card or automatically receive an invoice.



Choose how you want to invoice. Select the invoicing schedule that suits you. It's good to know that this is easy and a deposit invoice doesn't require extra effort.

Productie en voorraadbeheer

With additional modules, you can also manage inventory and production, including the creation of detailed cutting lists, among other features.

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Metalworking companies

Metal Spheres offers complete company-wide production and administration for the machining industry.

Does your company have surveyors and installers? Take a look at SunSpheeres.

Every machine is an asset that can be registered and managed. Both financially (depreciation) and tools, breakdowns, lead times and production orders already completed.

SunSpheeres makes the work of all employees easier. From surveyors, salespeople, installers, to accountants.

The missing toolstation

Recipe for Success

In MetalSpheeres, recipes are built with associated operations needed to realize the end product.

Measure to know

Once a recipe is built, a pre-calculation can be made, forming the basis for the quotation. The quotation can offer a scale that is automatically calculated. Upon acceptance of the quotation, a sales order is created.

Article Management

A good database ensures efficiency within business processes. MetalSpheeres provides a healthy flow of data. Save time and costs by using MetalSpheeres.

Work Efficiently

Efficient and effective work can be achieved through the use of ETIM. ETIM is a European standard for article classification, widely used in installation companies and shipping.

Shopfloor Module

This module is developed for machine operators. The shopfloor module displays the operations that the operator must carry out and can subsequently sign off on.

Insight into Transport and Location

The shopfloor module allows the operator to log their time. If there is no internal transport available, they can see the location of the materials they need to process and specify a location for the finished product.

Purchase per Kilogram

With MetalSpheeres, purchasing per kilogram is possible. With the right integration, kilo purchasing is effortlessly achieved and processed. The conversion of length and surface units is also part of MetalSpheeres.

Ontwerpen op een Tablet


Linking Data to Business Processes

EcoSpheeres brings suppliers and customers closer together by linking data to business processes. EcoSpheeres originated from the customer's need to receive and keep catalog data digitally up-to-date, for both suppliers and customers.

Creating a Digital Marketplace

With EcoSpheeres, customers work with a live and up-to-date product list. Fully automated.


EcoSpheeres brings suppliers and customers closer together by directly connecting the supplier's data to the customer's business processes.

Good Data

Data hygiene may not be the most exciting topic, but its impact on business results is significant. Recent research shows that 25% of business data is incomplete, making it unsuitable for use.

Time Savings

Data analysts spend 60% of their time correcting and structuring business data.

Poor business data results from non-compliance with the GDPR and underlying CRM and ERP processes.


EcoSpheeres aims to create a digital marketplace for suppliers and customers, providing a live and up-to-date data list, fully automated.

Data Provision

EcoSpheeres utilizes the latest datasets of product and article codes, including delivery times and prices. This allows many underlying processes to be optimized and automated without manual intervention.

Cost Savings

Save time and costs by integrating systems. The estimated global loss for businesses is between 15% to 25% of revenue. So don't wait any longer, start using EcoSpheeres today.

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