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The Solution by Spheeres

Build your own platform by easily creating customized applications yourself. This way, you can tailor all processes and projects precisely to your organization's needs. We have the low-code expertise, and you have the knowledge of your organization. Of course, our consultants are happy to brainstorm with you.


The Spheeres platform offers endless possibilities for developing applications that perfectly fit your organization, thanks to the low-code software, eliminating the need for coding.

Why Spheeres

At Spheeres, we believe that clients deserve the type of software that drastically reduces the time-to-market of new (software) applications. To us, this means it is necessary to offer a custom-built system that allows for full automatisation and efficiency. 


In recent years, we have developed a low-code platform that provides for exactly this, drastically reducing the total cost of software ownership.

Visual modelling, reusability and an integrated database give our customers the perfect tool to develop software without the need for programming knowledge.


Connectivity & interfacing are key for any business application. The ease, speed and flexibility of interfacing are the elements that inspired our clients to choose Spheeres.

Spheeres offers solutions for

At Spheeres, in addition to custom platforms and software, we also provide standard solutions.

Spheeres offers solutions for the following industries, among others:



From awnings, garage doors, frames, verandas, and fences to custom-made swimming pools.

Does your company employ measurers and installers? Take a look at SunSpheeres.

SunSpheeres makes the work of all employees easier, from measurer, salesperson, planner, installer, to the accountant.


Metalworking companies

MetalSpheeres offers a complete enterprise-wide production and administration solution for the machining industry.

Every machine is an asset that can be registered and managed, both financially (depreciation) and in terms of tools, malfunctions, lead times, and already completed production orders.


Minimum Viable Product

With our innovative, proven, and versatile platform, we provide our customers with the right knowledge and resources to bring new ideas and business applications to life quickly, without the risk of long development times and high costs.

Model Spheeres

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