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Onboarding, So You Can Get Started Quickly

Save yourself the frustration of reinventing the wheel. Our consultants have extensive experience and will assist you in getting started quickly.

Customers who have completed the onboarding process are more successful after a year.

After onboarding, you'll have the insights to actively steer towards your business goals.

The software is user-friendly for employees at all levels of the organization.

Onboarding step by step

Implementation of a medium-complex Spheeres solution has a lead time of at least two to a maximum of three months. For our standard Spheeres solution, a kick-off session and a training on how to use the platform is sufficient to get started.

Adjustments can be made throughout the process, at the customer’s premises and in cooperation with the process owner. Workshops serve to consolidate and record the customer's requirements and wishes, as well as to train the customer’s employees. 


To get off to a quick start, it is crucial to clearly define the scope of the project and to identify the preconditions, meaning the type of data, data sources, formats and structures. The data import is based on a formatted Excel sheet, provided by Spheeres' consultant.

Step 1

Data layout

Kick-off session involving the client’s stakeholders and process owners.

Step 2

Evaluating workflows, defining, verifying and importing the data in

scope, building the templates and training the customer on the


Step 3

Monitor progress, test and evaluate the designed processes and their


Step 4

Integration with external systems, system acceptance, and planning

the overall deployment.

Step 5

Activate production environment and ensure that the process for

customer operational support is clearly defined.

Why onboarding

Spheeres is a flexible and widely deployable platform with powerful Database capabilities. This requires adequate project management on the side of the client. It is important that the client, in collaboration with our consultant, monitors the implementation steps and flags any issues that might cause delays on time. We believe that proper onboarding is key in ensuring the quick and successful internal adoption of the software.


Clients who have completed all the steps in the onboarding process are more successful after one year.


After onboarding, you are equipped with the insights required to actively manage your business goals.

Eenvoudig in gebruik

The software is easy to use for employees at all levels of the organisation thanks to the logical processes.

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