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Can anyone become an application developer with Low Code?

Updated: May 31, 2023

Low-code is a software development method through which business applications can be built quickly and efficiently, and on the basis of minimal coding skills. Low-code thus makes software development more accessible to people without prior technical knowledge and increases the speed and efficiency of software development. These benefits have inspired a growing interest in low-code and digital transformation across organisations.

So can anyone who starts using low-code become an application developer and realise digital transformation? The answer is not a straightforward yes or no, and depends on a number of factors.

First, it is important to assess the extent to which the organisation is ready for digital transformation. In addition to embracing and implementing new technologies, digital transformation requires a change in business processes and cultures. It is consequently important to ensure that the organisation has the right mindset and is ready to invest in change.

Secondly, it is important to consider who within the organisation is responsible for digital transformation. While low-code simplifies software development, it is still important to establish the necessary security protocols and processes and to appoint someone with the necessary technical skills and background knowledge to lead the work.

Third, it is important to choose the right low-code platform. There are different low-code platforms on the market, and it is important to select a platform that best suits the needs of the organisation. The platform should also be user-friendly and offer good support services for non-technical users.

Finally, it is important to ensure that staff receive proper training to deal with changes brought about by new technologies. Digital transformation implies a change in the way employees work, so it is important to make sure they have the right skills to navigate the change successfully.

While low-code makes software development more accessible to people with limited technical knowledge and skills, it is important to determine whether the organisation is ready for change and who is responsible for driving digital tranformation. It is equally important to choose the right low-code platform and give staff the necessary training. So all in all, with the appropriate preparation and implementation, low-code and digital transformation can bring many benefits to an organisation.

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