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Spheeres: powerhouse of cloud-based business applications

Updated: May 31, 2023

The Spheeres cloud-based development platform conforms to user needs and can be adapted in a flash.

Spheeres is a cloud-based platform that provides modern, powerful, and flexible, enterprise-wide solutions that enable organisations to significantly increase productivity and service levels. Through prescriptive low-coding, Spheeres is a good fit for virtually all markets and applications.

Under the leadership of Erik Stolk, a team of 15 people spent 5 years developing Spheeres. Software that was previously developed by our director constitutes the basis of a wide selection of sub-applications. Spheeres offers CRM, ERP, production and project management, purchasing and sales management, as well as case and workflow management, among others. All sub-applications are fully compatible. Spheeres is built around the idea that a business application should support the unique work processes within an organisation and be able to grow with the organisation and its continuously evolving information needs. This proved to be a major hit. Since its launch in early 2020, Spheeres has really taken off. The team has expanded from 15 to 28 employees, working in various locations, and the platform is now used globally across a wide range of market segments.

In close collaboration with the client, our Spheeres team builds a database and user interface that is fully attuned to the client's work processes. The graphic configuration options, in combination with an optimal coherence between the database and user interface, paves the way for the speedy creation of a tailor-made business application. There are subsequetly endless possibilities to, on the basis of various wizards, extend the system with queries, templates, kanbans and planning tools. Applications are developed in the Dutch Spheeres Labs, together with and for various partners and early adopters across market segments. In the lab, partners are fully supported in swiftly transforming their thoughts into unique business applications.

As a global player in the candy moulding business, Deltavorm has implemented a fully integrated cloud-based ERP system, in cooperation with Spheeres. Their Spheeres system covers all business processes and contains over 30,000 unique candy shape designs, including the well-known “autodrop”. The archive with all their shapes, created over the years, has been re-coded and made accessible for Deltavorm's customers. Deltavorm is an innovative company that selected Spheeres' innovative and flexible approach, in view of securing its position as a global market leader.

Corsearch is a global player in brand protection and anti-piracy and has deployed the Spheeres platform for several Fortune 500 clients. Spheeres enables Corsearch to provide its clients with data, analytics and services that support them in managing their assets and help them reduce commercial risks.

Spheeres encourages continuous improvement. Spheeres believes in the development of an application that grows with the organisation, rather than in the concept of “Big Bang implementation”, which implies a lengthy and careful calibration of a company’s needs in 5 years before the start of the building process. Another discerning feature of our platform is that it, compared to other low-coding systems, allows for an extremely quick set-up. The range of possible applications is almost endless because all the different components can be combined and adapted as required. This renders the cost-of-ownership very low, in comparison to the costs related to the alternative option of purchasing several separate systems. All this, combined with a faster time-to-market, makes Spheeres a true powerhouse in cloud-based business applications.

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